2007 Leadership Meeting

The Leadership Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 13, 2007, to Friday, June 15, 2007, in Richmond, VA.

The purpose of the Leadership Meeting is to provide a forum through which CAAHE's commission leaders and the CAAHE Institutional Representatives can create a working agenda for the biennial conference. The meeting will also serve to energize and gain commission leaders' active involvement in carrying out the business of CAAHE and will provide time for each commission's board of officers to meet face-to-face within its commission area. In addition the meeting will provide a forum and time for commissions to meet cross-functionally to solve common problems. Institutional Representatives will provide sponsorship for the commissions and will become advocates and coaches.

Please note that there are vacancies within the commissions; if you would like to recommend an appointment from your institution, please contact the IPD liaison for the commission.

The CAAHE budget provides for financial support, lodging, and meals for each Institutional Representative and each commission officer in attendance at the CAAHE Leadership Meeting. Each institution is responsible for air fare or ground travel expenses. Please make your travel arrangements! You will be required to register for this event, but CAAHE will make your hotel reservation. Registered participants who fail to attend will be billed, so please be sure that you will attend when registering for the event.